Jim Johns is Back on Track

by Holly Waldenmyer   |   Tue, Oct 9th, 2018

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Jim Johns is Back on Track

His Journey to Recovery

Jim Johns exudes a healthy glow and an air of self confidence, as he meets your gaze directly with startlingly intense blue eyes.  It is difficult to visualize the addict he describes, that person who entered the Pathway to Wellness program December of 2014.

I struggle to envision the torment drugs wreaked upon this individual, and applaud the courage he mustered to overcome his addiction.  He fought a valiant fight, but credits his faith and belief that God would help him endure and provide the strength to combat the compulsion, defeat the ever-present peer pressure, and ultimately assist, to win the first battle.  Life, and the business of, never cease to offer obstacles along it's path, but Jim has the necessary tools in reserve to achieve success.  He has learned to negate any stirring temptation  which could result in a return to drug usage.

Born, addicted to heroin with a hole in his heart, his first glimpse of life was painfully gruesome.

A tenacious spirit and the will to survive resonates and exemplifies his entire life.  Raised by his Mother's sister and her husband, Jim prospered.  Through his Uncle's tutelage, he developed skills in small engine repair and professional boxing.  When Jim was thirteen years of age, just shortly before his Uncle passed away, the family moved to Florida .

Coincidentally, an opportunity arose at this time to remain in Florida and reside with a gentleman Jim refers to as his "Step Dad."  This was a life altering experience.  Racing go-carts in Ellington, he readily adapted to the new found freedom and a wealthy existence usually associated with the rich and famous. 

New events shaped his life.  He became certified in several engines, two and four cycle, and continued to advance in his boxing career.  Unfortunately, in 2006, a torn rotator cuff terminated his Golden Glove participation and potential in the sport.  It was the beginning of a rough and rocky road ahead.  The pharmaceuticals prescribed for his injury launched his pre-disposed addiction. 

WIth the pursuit of fulfilling his drug need, Jim became creatively manipulative and portrayed a ruthless and relentless addictive character, unrecognizable from his former self.  During this time, he had several brushes with the law as well.  His financial status was thus diminished until the point that he referred to the back of a U-Haul trailer as his home.  

Prompted by his Step-Dad, his sister from Newcomerstown and his Florida family staged an intervention.   Their concern and love was the vital ingredient needed to coerce Jim to agree to seek help.  He and his sister traveled north immediately.  There, a position in the family truck business awaited, with an initiative to return to the working world that was intended as a transitional stabilizing factor.  Jim's addiction was still prevalent.  Word of the "Pathway to Wellness' Program" and availability was researched.  A fellow employee had recently participated in the program and had observed first hand the positive behavioral changes possible.   As though it was pre-destined, there was no waiting list and Jim became a resident December 8, 2014.

Ego can get in the way.  It is difficult to be humble, Jim remarked.  He learned to pray and meditate, allowing his spirituality to develop, through the calming, non-judgmental efforts offered by Jack Ream. 

Dave Marsh and Calvin White administered the program and provided structure and interactive support with the five residing members of Pathway.  Father Jeff, Priest and mentor of Sacred Heart, opened his Church and his heart to this earnest young man. Jim prayed continually to have strength to end the obsession with heroin. 

Thirteen months later, he graduated from Pathway to Wellness, but realized his work is never done!  You must be vigilant and continue to reach out to offer and receive support.  He is most grateful to the individuals mentioned above and honors his lifeline with continued sobriety.

Jim's life has changed dramatically.  His skills are many, and others took note of his abilities, generous nature and business acumen.  David Kingsley supplied warehouse space, where he might pursue small engine repair, as well as the use of an apartment conveniently situated above.  When you are on the right track, people take notice.  Jim Johns, you have earned the respect and love of the folks in this community. 

We value your expertise and rejoice in your recovery and diligence to return to sober living!

By: Holly Waldenmyer Tue, Oct 9th, 2018