Case Management

Friends of the Homeless does not operate like many other homeless shelters; residents do not come in for a night, only to be kicked out the next morning with no guarantee of a bed when they return. Upon entering the shelter, residents are required to meet with a case manager to complete an intake packet, which includes some medical history and a background check. Because we house families, we are unable to bring in those with a history of violent or sexual crimes or arson. Residents are entered into a 90-day program, with the possibility of extensions as needed.

Once moved in, residents meet with a case manager on a regular basis to determine what services they are in need of for their individual situations. Participation in groups, as well as job searching and appointments with service agencies, are laid out in each case plan, as well as an exit strategy. The goal of case management at the shelter is not how to provide our residents with the minimum to survive, but to assist them in attaining stable housing and lives so they can leave the shelter to become active members of the community.