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Urgent Plea - Donations Needed

Friends of the Homeless of Tuscarawas County does not manufacture and sell a product, or sell a service. We have no way to earn an income. Our product is a second chance at living for those who desperately need it, and we gladly give that product to anyone who needs it and is willing to change and learn. As a result, we are constantly short of money to operate. We are a faith-based organization, and as such, a part of that faith is that God will provide as long as we are doing what God wants done. That isn’t a secure way to run a business, but that seems to be the only way a faith-based organization can exist. Friends of the Homeless has operated that way for thirteen years and we have helped hundreds of people in our community get that second chance at life.

"God can only help us keep going if people help God help us"

This may sound strange to you, but God can only help us keep going if people help God help us. 
God doesn’t have a bank account, nor does God have arms and legs. God depends on people to do God’s work for God. The people of this community have come forth and helped God help Friends of the Homeless for the last thirteen years, and for that we are thankful. Unfortunately, this is a problem that has no foreseeable end, so it is necessary for Friends of the Homeless to do our part by reminding all of you that the problem of homelessness still exists and is not becoming less of a problem. Friends of the Homeless has no intention or desire to stop offering help to those who need it and we are hopeful that you feel the same way.

As is usually the case at the end of the year, our cash position is very short. If you have supported us in the past, but just haven’t gotten around to it this year, please consider continuing your support. For those of you who have never experienced homelessness or been close to those who have, please consider how you would feel if you were facing a winter season with no place to get out of the weather for either you or your family, and be compassionate and consider supporting our effort to provide for those who are about to experience it.

The financial statement for 2018 for Friends of the homeless can also be found on this web page, and as you can see, we operated well below our budget. You can also see that the income we received was much less than was budgeted, which was based on the income we received in the past (in 2017 and years before that).  Most of the shortfall was in individual donations. We have no way of knowing why that occurred, but it is essential that we do something to improve those income numbers, therefore, this plea for help.

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Jack Ream / President
Friends of the Homeless of Tuscarawas County

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Plea Update: Off To A Good Start

Greatly Appreciated Donations are Helping, But Need Is Still There...

This time of year, especially this week with the frigid temperatures we are expecting, is not a good time to contemplate being homeless, but at the current time all our beds are full with folks who for one reason or another do not have a home of their own. We expect that before the week is over, law enforcement people will be bringing in more folks that are out on the street in sub-freezing weather. We will take them in even if we have no place for them but the floor. This is the spirit of the Tuscarawas County community, but we can only continue this safety net if the individuals within the community continue to support us, financially.

Check our financial statement from the year 2018. It shows how much it costs to maintain this service. Some generous folks came through for us last week, and made it possible for us to pay our staff, but we still have over $15,000 in bills that are due to be paid, and another payroll on February 8.  So we need further support quickly.

Our board of directors is making plans to more adequately finance our efforts so that we can avoid situations like we have now, but this will take time, more time than we have to avoid this crisis, so, for now, we have to depend on those of you who recognize the importance of what we do.


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Plea Update: Off To A Good Start

Greatly Appreciated Donations are Helping, But Need Is Still There...

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We Need Your Help

Urgent Plea - Donations Needed

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